Another Night With The Stars

The waves touch his feet, but the feeling goes to his heart. His eyes twinkle as they gulp down the past and glare at the majestic scenario in front of him. Thoughts mingle in his mind, but no words come out. He is not sure either it’s because he’s afraid, or because he’s fearless. And he is more astonished that he has experienced both.

A smile escapes his lips. Another Night With The Stars.

The stars that made him who he was, and the same stars that broke him up. Five years ago, this day was celebrated all over the world as “The day of the star”- people worshipped him like a God, made promises that they’ll never leave his back.

And now, five years later, there is no one beside him.

It took just five years, for the stars to bequeath him the happiest days of his life, and just five years, to perish it all away.

In those hot summers of July, five years back, his life had been as ordinary as the others. He couldn’t have hoped for anything then. It was rather miraculous how it all transformed into gold and then altered into rust.

He gradually closes his eyes and let the breeze drown him in his memories.

Dark. Hatred. Love. Family. Wealth.

The five phenomenons that revolutionalized his whole world.

He clenches his fist and inhales deeply. He recollects the wish that bought him to this date.

“I wish I’d become a star…”

Genuinely, it shouldn’t be alarming that his aspiration had been granted. One would evidently believe the fact that he was meant to be a self-made billionaire.

He can still retain the fortnight after he pleaded for this craving. The hall was steamed with an overpowering sensation with people shrieking in joy.

He had finally achieved the name of a doctor. Dr Denis Jason. The man who cured death.

Death. The only phenomenon that outcasted his list of wonders. The cause of every pain and the root behind each tear.

The day he cured death, was the day he inhaled his last breath. The day when he printed his name in the executioner’s brochure. He relinquished the world the smile it needed, and yet, unintentionally stabbed it with poison draped as a secure layer.

Death may be curable, but what comes beyond is unmentionable.

When the population protested against this revolution, crying that living has killed their hope, Denis Jason just stood in his palace-like, glass building, trying to protect his mortal body which wasn’t vaccinated with the serum of “eternity”.

For he knew, nothing lasts forever.

His family was harassed without sympathy and his beloved love of life had left his castle walls along with the objection that there was no point of living if it never had an end. His brothers and colleagues rebelled against him too, creating a monster inside him.

Then the day came, three weeks back, when he was no longer a star. Not even a human. The day when his “Dr Denis Jason” changed into “Devil Denis Jason”. He could not drink his anger any longer. That night he produced the deadly serum of “fatality”….

He looks down at his bare feet which are concealed by the sand, as if trying to stop him. But it was too late for that now.

He turns towards the sky. Still, no words embrace him. More than a hundred trillion people must be waiting there, steadied with arms to crush him down…

He bursts into a quiet chuckle. How strange is this? The man who cured death killed every man on Earth. The man who had a thousand dreams now had just one wish. The man who was the reason behind every man is now the cause behind no man at all.

The chuckle alters into a loud laugh. The most stunning part is that all the blame is on him when everything was destined by those flickering stars above him.

He inches near the sea. The waves push against his body. How long has he waited for this day?

He walks ahead with a high head into the deeper grounds. He latches his eyes as the water reaches his neck. Eventually, his yearning is at its cliff. He is finally going to be a real, twinkling star just as he had wished, for he had endured another night with the stars